Your Comprehensive Guide to Younique

With hundreds of popular companies and millions of representatives involved in direct sales, choosing which multi-level marketing company to work with....

Your Comprehensive Guide to Younique

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With hundreds of popular companies and millions of representatives involved in direct sales, choosing which multi-level marketing company to work with can be a tough decision.

If you’re interested in starting or continuing your multi-level marketing career, you’re in the right place. We’ve created this comprehensive review to help you weigh the pros and cons of this popular company and learn everything you need to know about Younique.

Younique Review: What Is Younique?

Founded in 2012, Younique is a direct sales company that sells makeup, skincare, and fragrances. Their mission is to uplift, empower, validate, and build self-esteem in all women.

Direct sellers for Younique are Presenters. Despite the name, Younique Presenters don’t have to “present” retail products in a traditional sense, such as home parties. Younique provides Presenters the resources to create an e-commerce store to sell products. Presenters exclusively rely on social media to direct consumers to a digital store.

Younique also sells naturally-based products and do not test their products on animals. In addition to these great features, Younique also created a foundation for victims of child abuse, which provides donations and support groups.

How Does Younique’s Compensation System Work?

Younique provides several compensation packages depending on the Presenter’s ranking. The rankings are as follows:

* Entry Presenter
* Exemplary Presenter
* Elite Presenter
* Exclusive Presenter

With higher rankings and statuses, Presenters earn higher rewards. Like Arbonne, Younique is commission-based. Commission is referred to as Retail Royalties and starts at 20%. The highest two rankings earn 30% of Retail Royalties.

The Entry Presenter rankings only offer Retail Royalties. As Presenters earn higher rankings, they earn access to additional types of rewards. Circle Royalties are available to Exemplary Presenters, and Generation Royalties are available to Elite Presenters and Exclusive Presenters.

Beyond standard rewards, Presenters may earn extra bonuses. These bonuses range from cars to incentive trips.

In order to obtain higher rankings, Presenters must complete a set amount of personal retail sales, wholesale sales, and other types of sales.

How Do Younique Presenters Make Money?

As we mentioned, Presenters are given the resources to create a free e-commerce website to sell Younique products. This platform is easy to set up and provides a variety of features that help create a smooth selling process for the seller and the buyer.

Presenters can also host virtual parties, a digital-age replacement for the traditional product parties other MLMs encourage. Presenters share links that lead directly to virtual parties, where they talk about products and give guests an easy way to purchase products virtually.

Younique Presenters mainly use social media to connect with potential buyers. The larger the following, the more likely the Presenter will win sales. However, Younique provides training and insights to help Presenters with small followings gain traction.

After making a sale, commission funds appear in a Younique debit card account that can be spent immediately. Commission and reward amounts depend on your ranking with the company. Keep in mind that you must make $50 in sales before receiving your debit card.


The Benefits of Younique

Like every other multi-level marketing company, Younique has both benefits and drawbacks. Take a look at these benefits to determine whether Younique is right for you.

Low Startup Cost

Similar to Avon, Younique has a low startup cost. It only costs around $99 to start as a Younique Presenter. This fee covers a startup kit full of products worth over $250.

High BBB Rating
Younique currently holds an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. A high BBB rating indicates customer trust and high-quality customer support.
Large Following
Younique has millions of Presenters located all over the world. Its global reach helps amplify brand awareness, making it easier for Presenters to sell its products.
Quality Support System

There are many support groups available for new Presenters. Facebook groups offer a way for Presenters to connect and discuss highs and lows of being a Presenter. Younique also offers coaches and sponsors to help new Presenters get acquainted with the process.

Quick Payout

Commission usually hits your bank account quickly, making this a great option for those who need money quickly. Payouts can hit your account in as soon as 3 hours after a sale.

Great Training

This MLM provides comprehensive online training courses for new Presenters. These courses range from marketing tips to business insights. Younique also offers courses unrelated to the company, which focus on personal and professional growth.

The Drawbacks of Younique
While Younique has plenty of benefits, it has a few drawbacks to consider before signing on as a Presenter.
Requires Social Media Prowess
Younique’s approach centers on social media marketing for your e-commerce website, which requires existing social media expertise. Luckily, Younique offers training courses to help teach those who aren’t experts.
While the number of Presenters for Younique indicates good company health, it also creates stiff competition.
Younique Presenters are faced with sales quotas, which can be tough to meet for newcomers. At a minimum, Presenters must make $125 in sales every 3 months.
Payout Fees
Even though funds are given out quickly, the debit card hits you with fees for everyday tasks. Using your debit card to purchase anything requires a fee. A cost also comes with using an ATM to retrieve cash or inquire about your debit card’s balance.
Becoming a Younique Presenter

Now that you’ve read our Younique review, it’s time to decide whether Younique is right for you. By assessing the pros and cons and comparing Younique to our other multi-level marketing company reviews, you’ll be able to start carving out your career path in no time.

Interested in kickstarting your multi-level marketing career? Search for your next business opportunity today. We’ll help you connect to the best MLM marketing opportunities.

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