Plexus Review: The Surprising Facts You Need to Know

If you’ve been considering jumping on the Plexus bandwagon, you’ve come to the right place to find out more about the company. Lately, you’ve probably....
Plexus Review: The Surprising Facts You Need to Know
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If you’ve been considering jumping on the Plexus bandwagon, you’ve come to the right place to find out more about the company.

Lately, you’ve probably heard of Plexus Pink Drink more times than you care to count. Still, this kind of popularity can make you wonder if selling the product is a good business opportunity.

More than likely, one or more friends or family members tried to sell you the popular diet drink. With so many people selling it, Plexus probably looks like a great opportunity. However, like any diligent businessperson, you’ve come to do some research.

For a Plexus review and the surprising facts that you need to know about the company, keep reading.

What Is Plexus?

The company that sells Plexus Pink is called Plexus Worldwide. The business side of the company is similar to many other multilevel marketing opportunities.

Company founder Tarl Robinson started the company in 2006. The company has operated out of Arizona ever since.

Plexus has been in business for nearly 15 years. At the least, this highlights the fact that it’s a legitimate company. It also indicates that the company has been doing something right to have remained in business for so long.

It’s important, however, to recognize that the weight loss field is full of entrepreneurial hopefuls who aspire toward financial freedom. There is a massive amount of competition in the field. Accordingly, it takes a lot of hard work and commitment to make a profit in the highly competitive dietary sales space.

So far, Plexus has enjoyed phenomenal profits. However, most Plexus Ambassadors have not enjoyed the same stellar results.

Plexus Pink Drink is a beverage that dieters consume before meals. The company markets it as a way to control hunger and stay on a diet. Over the year, Plexus has developed many faithful followers of its considerable product line.

Can You Make Money as a Plexus Ambassador?

Like most MLM opportunities, Plexus Ambassadors can make money in two ways. The company pays a commission for selling its products. It also pays for recruiting others to participate in its MLM opportunity.

It costs $39.95 a year to participate in the Plexus Ambassador program. Once you join, you can also purchase discounted “Welcome Packs” that cost between $99 and $199.

To receive a commission, you must remain an active ambassador. To stay active, you must personally sell at least $100 in Plexus products every month. Products sold by your downline do not count towards this requirement.

If you don’t meet this goal, Plexus will suspend your account. Once your account becomes suspended, you no longer qualified for commissions, even if you or your downline continue to make sales.

The best candidates for the Plexus opportunity are its consumers. If you use Plexus products and believe in them, it’s more likely that you can portray that enthusiasm as you offer the product to others.


The Dark Side of Plexus

If you search online, you’ll find raving reviews of Plexus products. Current users of the Plexus line seem generally passionate about the product and its benefits. Because of those Plexus reviews, the company has ranked highly among MLM companies over the last several years.

It’s important to note, however, that this sentiment is typical for a company that is generating profits. Program participants tend to offer positive reviews when a company shows it’s making big money. However, history has shown that those positive reviews dry up as soon as a company starts losing revenue.

Nevertheless, Plexus demands a respectable 3.9 rating on Glassdoor. However, the reviews of MLM participants greatly contradict those of former Plexus employees. At times, former Plexus employees have left scathing reviews about the company on the Glassdoor site.

Plexus operates in several countries. However, the company is most prevalent in Australia and Canada.

If you plan to sell your Plexus goods on Amazon, you’ll have some trouble. The mega-retailer has banned Plexus Slim and Plexus Accelerator.

In its early days, Plexus products contained an ingredient called hoodia. It’s an African extract that suppresses hunger. However, it’s also an endangered plant. The company has since replaced the ingredient with green coffee extract.

Regarding Plexus advertising practices, the company has also found itself in hot water for claiming that its products can boost the immune system and protect against the coronavirus. As a result, the Food and Drug Administration put the company on notice along with other companies advertising the same benefit. Plexus has since revised its advertising.

Nevertheless, there are upsides to working with the company. Plexus does provide you with an opportunity to own your own business, and they also give back to the community.

Should You Give the Plexus MLM Opportunity a Try?

Plexus also claims that it’s easy to make money by participating in their ambassador program. However, the numbers tell a different story.

Most Plexus Ambassadors make less than $3,700 per year. More than 80% of representatives make around $300 per year, while 2% of sales reps earn around $10,000 each year.

Moving up the scale of profit, a little over 1% of representatives earn between $19,000 and $50,000 each year. A mere 1.5% of representatives earn around $100,000 each year.


Only .04% earn a little over $170,000 each year. Finally, only .06% of Plexus representatives make an excess of $400,000 in a calendar year.

The bottom line is that Plexus is like any other business opportunity. You can’t hope to spend a few dollars and make a large profit.

However, if you invest money and time – as you would with any other business – into running a Plexus franchise, you can earn a decent living as you would with any other successful enterprise.

In the end, it’s up to you whether you make a considerable profit while working with the company.

Looking for MLM Opportunities? You’re in Luck!

Now you’ve learned the surprising facts that you need to know about the Plexus MLM opportunity. However, it’s always a good idea to keep other opportunities on your radar.

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