Everything You Need to Know About Herbalife

Your routine is killing you. Every morning you wake up, throw on clothes you barely looked at, make a cup of coffee, and rush out the door. You miss the mornings....
Everything You Need to Know About Herbalife
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Your routine is killing you.

Every morning you wake up, throw on clothes you barely looked at, make a cup of coffee, and rush out the door. You miss the mornings where you had enough energy to turn on the music while you freshen up your hair.

You’ve started looking for a way out of your 9-5 job, but you’re scared to sink into a place of debt. Owning your own business has crossed your mind, but you’ve also noticed a ton of people talking about selling Herbalife.

If you’re unsure of what that is, make sure to keep reading. We have all the information below.

What’s the Deal With Herbalife?

You may have had several people reach out to you through social media asking you to join their team. Their team could be selling a variety of products, including makeup, toothpaste, and kitchen utensils.

This is part of an MLM strategy. MLM stands for multi-level marketing. You may have also heard people refer to it as referral marketing or network marketing.

The easiest way to earn, and the way that ties in with becoming your own boss, is selling the products directly to people you reach out to. Whether it’s creating posts on your social media or talking to your family, MLM companies aim to offer many windows of opportunity.

What does this have to do with Herbalife? The company follows an MLM strategy.

Do I Have to Spend Money to Sell Herbalife?

The only required money you’ll have to spend is the amount it takes to get your distribution kit.

After that, it’s all up to the distributor on how much they spend. All promotional tools, traveling, and samples are paid by you if you decide to become part of the Herbalife team.

This is important to keep in mind because many people will want to try samples before investing in a pricy product. You’ll have to purchase samples yourself to hand out to people.

Herbalife does offer training and gatherings to help distributors. These opportunities are created to help with sales tactics and marketing. However, if a distributor wishes to attend, they are required to handle all travel and lodging on their own.

Who Sells Herbalife?

A large demographic of Herbalife distributors are your typical stay-at-home mom. Because they don’t have a conventional job due to taking care of the kids, they are often the ones looking for ways to earn money at home.

Many of their sellers are also those active on social media, mainly due to the fact that’s how they make most of their sales. Teams are created by reaching out through direct messages, and many products are sold through posts.

Well, What is Herbalife?

As you’ve read through all of this, you may still be wondering what Herbalife actually is.

Herbalife says they are a nutrition company working to promote healthier habits. Their site offers an array of products, everything between protein shakes, tea, and smoothies for kids.

Their website offers a variety of tips for a healthier lifestyle. They offer diet, self-care, and exercise tips. Throughout the tips, the company includes internal links that lead back to their products.

The company also claims on their site they work closely with trusted farmers and suppliers to create high-quality products.

It is important to note that while Herbalife may use clean ingredients that people love, comparable products sold on shelves are much lower in cost. This can cause trouble for Herbalife distributors in the future.


Do People Make Money From Herbalife?

Healthy, trusted products sound great, but you want to know you’re going to earn your invested money back when signing up to sell. While a lot of it depends on selling tactics and audience, this is where many distributors can land themselves in trouble.

Herbalife claims that about 50% of their first-year sellers earned more than $170 in a month. The top 1% earned over $2,900. 62,000 distributors, out of around 136,000, earned income in a month of selling in 2018.

As you advance up the ladder of Herbalife, you start to make money from building teams. Recruiting becomes the main source of income within the company.

When looking at the top 1%, you really start to think it sounds amazing. However, before agreeing to join a Herbalife team, it’s useful to look at all calculations.

Consider your income now, if any, and compare it to the numbers and benefits of joining Herbalife. Also, consider paying for the initial distributor pack, all samples, and any traveling you might have to do.

Are you going to be setting aside a certain number of hours at home in order to make sales? Will those hours be properly compensated? What does your audience on social media look like?

Lastly, be real with yourself. Can you see yourself putting in the hours of self-discipline it takes to sell products for a long period of time?

Does Herbalife Experience Turnover?

You now want to know if people last in the Herbalife world. While some top sellers have been active members for years, many people do find themselves quitting.

1 out of 10 first-year distributors stay with the company. It can be hard to keep large numbers of distributors, especially when the exact source of income is slightly scattered.

You can make money through various channels of retail commissions, royalties, cash promotions, and bonuses. It can become quite confusing for many.

Is It Time for Me to Sell Herbalife?

You now know a lot more about the world of Herbalife. Just like any job opportunity, it comes down to a personal decision. Just make sure you are fully doing your research.

While it can be difficult to earn a large income through selling the products, you do get to experience the benefits of creating your own hours and being able to work wherever there’s Wi-Fi. This can be a great job for moms at home or anyone else looking for a way to create their own job life.

For more on other MLM businesses, make sure to check out the rest of our page. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.

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