An Essential Guide to doTERRA Network Marketing Review and Products

The global essential oil market was estimated to be worth over $17.2 billion in 2019, and experts predict it will be....
An Essential Guide to doTERRA Network Marketing Review and Products
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The global essential oil market was estimated to be worth over $17.2 billion in 2019, and experts predict it will be worth over $18.6 billion by the end of 2020! Since essential oils are clearly a lucrative business, you may have decided you want a piece of the aromatherapy pie. But should you get it through doTerra?

doTerra is a well-known essential oil MLM that boasts “certified pure therapeutic grade” oils. But what does it mean to be “therapeutic grade”? Who decides what makes an oil therapeutic grade?

There is controversy around doTerra and how they suggest to use their oils. You may be unsure whether to apply undiluted oils directly to your skin, or whether it’s safe to ingest them. We’ll break down the ins and outs of doTerra here, and you can decide whether or not they’re right for you.

What doTerra Does

doTerra is a multi-level marketing or direct sales company based around the sale of essential oils. The brand is relatively young, having been founded in 2008. They claim that even their lowest-level sellers, called “Wellness Advocates”, can make up to $26,000 a year.

The biggest pro of doTerra is it can cost less than $200 to become a consultant! You can join their wholesale club for only $35, which gives you access to all of their products at wholesale prices. But if you want to sell oils as well, there are enrollment kits that cost as little as $150 (and others that cost over $3,000, if you’re really confident!).

As of 2019, doTerra claims to have over five million consultants in 100 different countries. They offer over 150 oil-related products, making their catalog a little overwhelming for the average customer. This is why the Wellness Advocate is so important: they guide customers to their best oils.

Their proudest claim is that their oils are pure and therapeutic-grade. But what does this mean?

Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

Essentially (pun intended), it means nothing. “Therapeutic grade” is not determined by an objective third party of a legislative body like the FDA. There aren’t any organizations or agencies that certify essential oils.

doTerra had trademarked the term “certified therapeutic grade essential oils”, and explain it means that they certify the oil themselves. This may seem impressive, but any responsible essential oil seller will test their product before putting it on shelves.

This phrase is a marketing piece and nothing more. There have been no studies or certifications that prove doTerra oils are more pure or safer than other major brands of oil.

How You Get Paid With doTerra

According to doTerra’s website, you make 25% commission of all oils that you sell at retail price. However, you also receive bonuses and commission from people you recruit to sell oils as well.

doTerra does not disclose the percentage of money you receive from consultants in your down line, but do encourage that you recruit aggressively. The top earners at doTerra also say that the real money is not in selling, but in recruiting.


The Pros Of doTerra
* Low startup costs: You can become a doTerra consultant for less than $200. Even if you have a hard time selling, you won’t be thousands of dollars in debt at the end of your journey. doTerra makes the process as easy as possible.

* Popular product: Whether your clients want to use oils for aromatherapy or for other reasons, there is a space for essential oils in everyone’s life. Since they are a small purchase, you can appeal to client’s impulses.

* Can buy directly from website: Instead of having to buy doTerra products through convoluted Facebook live streams or a clunky “party”, doTerra’s site is sleek and easy to navigate. Your customers can even purchase for themselves, and you’ll still earn the commission.
doTerra’s Drawbacks
* Saturated market: Everywhere you look, there’s a new brand of essential oils. They line the shelves at many supermarkets and department stores. It may be difficult to convince your customers to shell out for doTerra brand oils.

* Difficult to sell: Since doTerra offers their wholesale prices for such a low annual price, your most enthusiastic customers will likely not buy directly from you. You’ll have to resort to more aggressive recruiting tactics in order to make money.

* Public skepticism around essential oils: Though doTerra does not claim that essential oils can cure cancer or disease, some essential oil enthusiasts do make those claims. Though those people are few and far between, they garner a lot of attention. You friends and family may not be willing to listen to a spiel on oils for fear you take it too far.

* Multiple BBB complaints: In the last three years, there have been nearly 50 closed complaints with the Better Business Bureau over doTerra, claiming they use predatory business practices.
How To Succeed With doTerra

Since there are so many doTerra sellers, you may be unsure how to make yourself stand out from the crowd. Luckily, there are many services you can use to find MLM opportunities and customer leads.

More than anything, succeeding with doTerra takes passion and an affinity for people. You must make the oils sound better than other brands, while still not promising they’ll cure cancer or other ailments. It’s a delicate balance to strike, but you can do it!

Is doTerra A Pyramid Scheme?

Not at all! Unlike some more suspicious MLMs who focus more on team-building and seminars than on product, doTerra is all about the oils. You’re not getting sucked in to a predatory club, just a group of enthusiastic essential oil users.

Unlike some predatory MLMs who focus on the sale of “seminars” and “training materials” more than their actual product, doTerra is all about the oils. They are a company first, and a culture second. But that culture is still strong and passionate!

However, like many other direct marketing companies, you will earn more money by recruiting people than by selling alone. If you’re confident in your abilities to recruit and schmooze, doTerra may be perfect for you.

Essential Oils Could Be Right For You

If you’re passionate about wellness and aromatherapy, doTerra could be right for your and your loved ones. Don’t be afraid to encourage your friends and family to sign up with you.

If you need help, feel free to explore our website. We’ll provide you with tips and marketing resources to help you succeeding as a network marketer. You’re embarking on an exciting adventure – let us help.

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