A Celebration of Celebrating Home

How do you celebrate your home? If it's with your awesome interior design skills, you might be interested in making that into a career. Do you have plenty of friends who come to you for design advice? Are you....

A Celebration of Celebrating Home

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How do you celebrate your home? If it’s with your awesome interior design skills, you might be interested in making that into a career.

Do you have plenty of friends who come to you for design advice? Are you a social media guru who knows how to market yourself? Celebrating Home might be the network marketing business for you.

Before you go diving into your new money-making project, take a quick look at our Celebrating Home article to see if you might be the right fit. This is a big work-from-home opportunity, but if you’re going to spend a lot of time devoted to it you want to know that you belong.

Keep reading to learn more about network marketing with Celebrating Home.

What Is Celebrating Home?

If you’re here you’ve likely been contacted by a Celebrating Home representative in some way shape or form. Maybe you’ve seen a Celebrating Home catalog and wondered what all the hype is about, or maybe a friend or family member has gotten involved and now you’re curious too.

But what exactly is Celebrating Home? Where did it come from, and does it have enough longevity to make it trustworthy?

Celebrating Home is a direct sales company founded on Christian principles. This makes it a great choice for anyone with a strong faith background and a desire to work with a company that aligns with their ethics.

It was founded in 2009 by married couple Steve and Penny Carlile. They took an existing company and combined it with the newly acquired Home Interiors and Gifts company.

They specialize in direct sales from representatives to consumers. They have a wide product range of helpful, beautiful, and fashionable products that are easy to sell just because of their quality.

It’s not unlikely that there’s a Celebrating Home product in your home right now. Their home parties are popular and their products are good for gifts.

What Kind of Products Do They Sell?

Celebrating Home has a diverse range of products and they’re all easy to sell to consumers (that is, if you don’t want to buy them all on your own!).

They sell items for entertaining or hosting parties, high-quality cookware, and home decor that spans from wall paintings and hangable decorations to standalone pieces and trinkets to decorate tables, shelves, and more.

They even have a fashion line for the more fashionable friends in your life.

They sell great gift products like artwork and candles and they have no one specific style (though their goods all look posh and cozy)

In other words, they sell a lot. Their products aren’t specific to a particular subgroup of people, though they’re most popular among middle-aged women.


What Are the Advantages of Celebrating Home?

Celebrating Home works in direct sales, meaning that you are the “designer”, or representative for the company. You’re responsible for making the sales to friends, family, and strangers.

Because you’re working with catalogs, you don’t necessarily need an inventory to begin your business. The products come from the company and go to the consumer. You’re just the one making the sale.

You don’t have to create your own marketing tools or take your own pictures. There are posts and brochures designed for you, making the marketing aspect a lot easier. While knowing your way around your social media platform of choice is definitely helpful, you’ll have adequate support from the time that you get started.

The products are high-quality and easy to sell, especially around decorating seasons (like Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, and Easter). Products make good gifts and they’re affordable enough that selling is easy with the right marketing strategy.

They also do home parties which is a great way to find potential buyers that aren’t already in your circle. It can be hard to rely on only friends and family, and many direct sales representatives struggle with this aspect of network marketing. With the parties, your circle expands with every new hostess.

Celebrating Home as a standalone company has been around for over a decade. The companies that merged to create it have 60 years of combined sales and experience. This means that you’re not working with a new company and you can rest assured that it’s reliable.

All of this plus the competitive compensation model makes for a good opportunity for those interested in network marketing.

What Is the Compensation Structure?

When it comes down to how to make money with Celebrating Home, the compensation structure is pretty strong if you’re a strong seller.

From what we can tell, this is uni-level marketing, a structure of multilevel marketing where you can bring on unlimited downlines onto your first level. The commission made from this level of downlines is unclear based on our research which you may consider a red flag.

That said, the products themselves earn you a commission through direct sales. The commission amounts vary between 30% and 45% and the products range in price between $15 and $200.

This means that you can make a healthy commission from your home parties and from any direct social media sales. If you’re someone who knows how to market effectively, this is a good opportunity.
Does This Celebrating Home Article Pique Your Interest?

If this Celebrating Home article made you want to learn more about the company (and maybe get involved yourself) you’re not alone. There are Celebrating Home representatives all over making successful home businesses for themselves through direct sales and network marketing.

Want to learn more about how we can help? Feel free to get in touch with us today to see what we can do.

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