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“The best time to join a business is during a new product launch or global expansion .” – FORBES
In real estate, the biggest secret to success has to do with ‘Location, Location, Location’…
But when it comes to success in Multi-Level marketing, otherwise known as network marketing, it’s all about ‘Timing, Timing, Timing’.
Forbes Magazine said it best: “The best time to join a company is during global expansion and a new product launch”.
If you ask any of the top network marketing experts in the world, they’ll all agree – timing is everything!
But how can you find these prelaunch opportunities for yourself?
Here are 3 ways most try and do it…
#1: Scour the Internet in hopes of uncovering successful pre-launches, and then join them.
#2: Join network marketing Facebook groups, sift through the posts, and hope you’ll find a golden prelaunch opportunity.
#3: Make contacts with people in the industry and see if they have any insider information about new upcoming launches you can join.
While all of these methods can work, they also can be very tedious and time consuming.
But luckily for you, now there’s a better way…
A website that’s 100% dedicated to sending out exclusive notifications about new prelaunch opportunities directly to you.
So how does Prelaunch Notifications actually work?