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How To Claim Your Free Basic Listing

Step 1: Like Us On Facebook

We believe that together we can succeed in the MLM industry. By liking us on Facebook, you will be notified of other opportunities that will assist you in increasing the chances of succeeding in your MLM journey.

Bonus: Refer A Friend

During the process of adding your listing you will have an option to upgrade your basic listing to a featured listing by referring a friend. Upgrading to a featured listing is beneficial because featured listings are randomly displayed on the homepage. Also, featured listings are displayed before basic listings on search results.

Step 3: Add Your Listing

Fill out the simple form to add your listing. You will NOT be asked for any personal information (information that is not found on any basic social media page). Also, the form will NOT ask for any payment or payment information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find a few of the most frequently asked questions. is a multi-level marketing representative directory. Our online directory serves as a communicating interface between the representative and the prospect.

Yes. We only ask you to like our Facebook page. You have the option to upgrade your free basic listing to a free featured listing by referring a friend. Referring a friend is completely optional. 

We are offering free listings because we felt that it would not make sense to charge to post a listing when our website receives very few visits. Our goal is to populate the website with listings while our online team works on attracting more visitors. Once our website is receiving 10,000 unique visitors per month, we will start charging a nominal monthly fee.

Our team is compromised of people that have failed in the MLM industry. We made it a career to build websites like this to help representatives increase the chances of success in this industry. We are currently working on other projects that will make it easier for representatives to find quality prospects. We encourage every representative to like our Facebook page because it is through our Facebook page where we will announce any other finished project.

Our website launch date was on 05/15/2018. Originally we were not going to accept any listings until our search engine optimization (SEO) team finished their project of making our website more visible on search engines and thus attracting more visitors. But, we received several requests to add their listings by representatives that happen to stumble upon our website, so we began to accept listings although we were not receiving many website visits. Currently (15 days after our website launched) we are receiving about 120 unique visitors per day.

In order to add your listing, you will only need to provide basic information about yourself and your business opportunity. By basic information we mean information that a representative would post on any social media website. We will not ask for any payment information nor will we ask for personal information such as social security number, date of birth, etc.

It is through our Facebook page that we will announce other projects that will assist representatives on their MLM journey. We will also post valuable information about training, helpful websites and anything else that may increase your chances of success in the MLM industry.

That is information about you. Information such as how many years you have been with the company, why you like the company, etc. Basically, it is a section where you can input something about yourself.

If we decide to charge a fee in the future, it will be a small fee compared to the amount of visitors our website will be receiving at that time. We feel that it does not make sense to charge a fee for something that is not producing results.   

All announcements will be made through Facebook posts and email messages. 

The owner of this website is Tanis Zamora. He organized a group of former MLM members who, for some reason or another, failed in this industry. Together, they combined their feedback on how more people could be successful in MLM. Now, they have made it a career to not only build website, apps, group, etc. but to also help people in this industry avoid the mistakes that they did when they were MLM reps.

Our group is focusing on this website for now. But, in the future we would like to create a group that would unite MLM representatives from different companies and help them work together as one team.